July 08, 2005

Transparent Scotch - well, they're kidding

Well, I didn't know anything about that see-through J&B -6 brand, so I tried to get some answers for my question: "Why the J&B -6 is a see through whisky? Is it not aged in oak barrels?" J&B has a website which answers any questions you ask. I hoped its not only a marketing bullshit, but it seems it is. For my question, I've got back this answers:
"Hi David,
Thank you for your email and I set out some facts below.
· Scotch Whisky is defined in UK law by the Scotch Whisky Act 1988.
· This means the Whisky must be a product of Scotland made from water and malted barley, matured in Scotland in oak casks for no less than 3 years, which retain the colour, aroma and taste derived from the raw materials used. It must be no less than 40% ABV and no substance other than water and spirit caramel can been added
· J&B -6°C blended Scotch Whisky fully complies with the definition and has been developed in close consultation with the Scotch Whisky Association
What is J&B -6°C?
· J&B -6°C is a new blended Scotch Whisky from Justerini and Brooks (J&B). The J&B brand has a heritage that dates back to 1749, and J&B RARE blended Scotch Whisky was first produced in Scotland in 1910. Now, Justerini & Brooks has used its expertise, and its wide range of maturing grain and malt Whiskies, to blend J&B -6°C, a smooth and subtle tasting Scotch Whisky for a new generation of Whisky drinkers
· The specially selected grains and unusually high malt content that goes into the blend creates the subtle flavour of J&B -6°C and gives it a naturally light colour - BUT HOW IT STAYS LIGHT COLOURED?
· The unique flavour of J&B -6°C blended Scotch Whisky makes it great for mixing but it is equally good neat or over ice
It's all nice and possibly very true, but I still don't know how they make their whisky transparent when it is aged in oak barrels for at least three years.

Nos, mivel nem tudtam semmit sem arról a bizonyos átlátszó J&B -6 whiskyről, ezért utána jártam és feltettem a következő kérdést: "Hogyan lehet a J&B -6 whisky átlátszó? Ezt nem tölgyfahordókban érlelik?" A J&B-nek van egy remek weboldala, ami bármilyen whisky-kérdést megválaszol. Azt reméltem ez nem csak a szokásos marketing bullshit, de tévedtem. Ez is az. Íme, a fenti választ kaptam vissza (bocs, de nincs most erőm lefordítani).
Szóval amit írnak, az mind szép és valószínűleg nagyon is igaz, de én még mindig nem értem, hogyan marad a whiskyjük átlátszó 3 évnyi tölgyfahordós érlelés után.


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