April 08, 2005

Double Gold Medal for Woodford Reserve

My favourite premium Bourbon whiskey, Woodford Reserve, was awarded the Double Gold Medal for Straight Bourbons at the 2005 World Spirits Competition. It is the highest award given and is the third time in the past six years that Woodford Reserve has won it. World Spirits Competition is well regarded as it is done in a "blind tasting" format; the judges have no idea what brands they are sampling at the time so they are truly judging on quality. Woodford Reserve was first distilled in the oldest and smallest distillery in Kentucky, Labrot & Graham, which was established in 1812. Couple of years ago the distillery was re-named after Woodford Reserve, but the whiskey is still made in the traditional, hand-crafted way. This whiskey is a clear, caramell-like colour Bourbon with sweet vanilla nose and fruity aroma, and a complex and crisp body.

Kedvenc premium bourbon whiskey-m, a Woodford Reserve, Dupla Aranyermet nyert a 2005-os World Spirits Competition-on. Ez a legmagasabb kituntetes, amelyet immar harmadszor nyert el az elmult hat ev soran. A World Spirits Competition az egyik legelismertebb megmerettetes, hiszen a zsuri itt "vaktesztekkel" biralja a versenyzo italokat, ami azt jelenti, hogy sosem tudjak melyik markat kostoljak, ertekelik eppen, igy az eredmeny valoban a minosegen alapszik. A Woodford Reserve whiskeyt eloszor az 1812-ben alapitott Labrot & Graham leparlo uzemben keszitettek, amely a leregebbi es legkisebb leparlo uzem Kentuckyban. Nehany evvel ezelott a leparlo uzem is megkapta a whiskey nevet, de az italt a mai napig a hagyomanyos, "hazikeszitesu" modon allitjak elo. A Woodford Reserve egy tiszta karamell szinu bourbon whiskey edes vanilia illattal es gyumolcsos aromaval, amely osszetett, am frissito elmenyt nyujt.


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