January 31, 2005

Scapa distillery re-opened

Scapa, my favourite entry-level single malt whisky, revives. Scapa distillery, in the Orkney Isles, re-opens with new investment and new team. In recent years, the distillery had been operating part-time with staff on loan from the nearby Highland Park distillery. In 2004, three new staff have been recruited to run the distillery, and the first new spirit ran from the stills on Nov 22nd. Scapa is now re-branded, and the new 14YO Scapa is launched to replace the previous 12YO. I'm sure that other new things are in the pipeline - maybe a website. More info till that on www.laphroaig.com

Scapa, a kedvenc "kezdo" single malt whiskym, ujraeled. A Scapa leparlo uzem, Orkney-szigeten, ujra uzembe all egy ujabb befektetesnek es egy uj csapatnak koszonhetoen. Az elmult evekben idoszakosan ugyan mukodott, de csak a kozeli Highland Park uzem csapatanak koszonhetoen. 2004-ben vegre felvett a tulajdonos vallalat 3 embert a Scapa uzem mukodtetesere, igy november 22-en el is hagyta az elso uj leparlas a jo oreg rezustoket. A Scapa megujult 14 eves variacioja pedig felvaltja a megelozo 12 eves single malt-ot. Biztos jonnek meg ujdonsagok, talan vegre egy sajat website is. Addig a www.laphroaig.com oldalon talalhato nemi info.


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